A wise man once said, “Do one thing well.” The problem is, we couldn’t choose between burgers, fries and shakes. So we said, “Forget that guy.” Besides who is he anyway? He sure doesn’t sound wise. Can he even cook? The guy probably eats tofu.

Serious about food. Seriously.

We love fun. In fact, we’re fun-loving lovers of fun. And yet, we couldn’t be more serious about our food. We’re talking never-frozen beef, hand-cut fries, real ice cream shakes, and other delicious nouns preceded by quality-assuring adjectives. Here, “serious” and “fun” are one with the bun.

MOOYAH Guests Best Burger

Semi-notable moments in MOOYAH history.

Below are a few MOOYAH milestones. We think the years are fairly accurate. Our intern compiled these from scribbled notes on napkins. To be honest, we’ve been too busy having fun to worry about our place in the pantheon of best burger places. In fact, we’ve been too busy to even look up what “pantheon” means, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing.


We were born. Hooray!

It was a monumental occasion for our hometown of Plano, Texas. Citizens celebrated in the streets, maidens danced around maypoles, dogs hugged cats and angels sang ‘80s songs. At least that’s how we remember it.


Say hi to a sweeter fry

While our hand-cut fries were a hit, some Guests hankered for sweet potato fries. And at MOOYAH, Guests rule. So we added the orange delights.


Fresh hot buns

Each location began baking its own white and multigrain buns every day for an even fresher burger experience. Sure, this means more work for us, but remember what we said about being serious about food? We were serious when we said it.


Foreign freshness

We packed our passports and gave Dubai a taste of MOOYAH. It was our first restaurant outside the U.S., and they loved us. In fact, folks all over were falling for our famous burgers, fries and shakes.


Come on & get app-y!

MOOYAH fans all around were jumping for joy! Our Rewards App makes it easy to rack up points for free food & we love seeing your smiling faces as much as possible.


Burger Hall of ‘Dang!’®

Taste buds all around didn’t see our Tastes to Try coming. We introduced delicious, chef-inspired recipes that brought you our Double Diablo, Best Quesonario, A-Wonderful and many more. These became so legendary we created our Burger Hall of ‘Dang!’®.


Live your best (Life)style

We introduced our Lifestyle Burgers including Vegan, Paleo, Keto, low calorie, gluten-free! With our lifestyle lineup, you can eat right & enjoy every bite.

The Future

Rise of the MOOYAH

In the coming years we will remain committed to serving you the freshest, finest food. And as our plan for world domination plays out, other restaurants will wither away until there is only MOOYAH. Yes, the future looks bright for all of us.


    We’ve always been committed to helping our communities. And to us, that means helping you. If your organization wants to raise money, host a fundraiser with us. It’s an easy and tasty way to help your group.

    Book A Mooyah Fundraiser

    Imagine having your very own MOOYAH, one of the fastest-growing “better burger” concepts around. If you share our passion for serving the freshest food in the funnest way possible, find out more. With our know-how and your good looks, we can go far. Our MOOYAH franchises are frantastic!

  • Beef Up Your Career

    Beef up your career

    You love burgers, fries and shakes. So why not surround yourself with them at a place you’ll enjoy being every day? We love to promote from within. And you could have the opportunity to become a corporate trainer, traveling the country and possibly the world. Wow, you haven’t even started yet, and you’re already going places.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Visiting our amazingly awesome website has probably aroused your senses and left your head spinning. We realize you may have questions. You could visit one of our restaurants and ask in person. But maybe you’re the impatient type who wants answers now? Not to worry! Here are FAQs and, even more important, their hopefully-helpful answers.

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