Frequently Asked Q'S

MOOYAH Iceburger made MOOYAH Style
MOOYAH Burger on multigrain wheat baked-in-house bun

General Questions & Answers

  • How did you get the name MOOYAH? Were you born with it? What does it mean?

    Once, while driving through Manitowoc, Wisconsin, we saw a cow defeat another cow in a game of haystack kicking. The victorious bovine yelled "MOOYAH!" Apparently, that's how cows say "Booyah!" Anyway, we liked how it sounded and thought it appropriately describes the fun, exciting burgers we serve.

  • How can I own a MOOYAH, other than acquiring one in a poker game?

    You are obviously a smart, ambitious person. We like the cut of your jib. We are currently franchising and have franchise opportunities across the country. Head to our MOOYAH franchise website to get the ball rolling on owning your own MOOYAH.

  • Where do I find out about new restaurants in my area? Not just any restaurant. MOOYAH restaurants, to be precise.

    Like us on Facebook to stay up on our latest locations. And like us in real life too. That'd be good.

  • Can MOOYAH open near me? What do you got against my neighborhood?

    We have absolutely nothing against your neighborhood, unless you live in the...never mind. If we're not currently near you, the fastest way to get us there is to build it yourself. Not literally by yourself. We'll help. Click here . If you can't own your own MOOYAH just yet, you can view coming soon restaurants in our Locations link.

  • I want to put my career on the fast track. How can I get a job at MOOYAH?

    Who wouldn't want to work at the funnest (yes, "funnest" is a word) place on earth? We're always looking for smart, cheerful, detail-oriented people like you. Click here to learn more and apply for positions across all U.S. locations.

  • Where can I find MOOYAH coupons, deals and other sweet swag?

    There are a couple of ways to become a burger-balling MOOYAH insider. 1) Download the MOOYAH Rewards App and earn points for every food purchase, then redeem those points for free food at MOOYAH. We also send special deals through the app, including a half-birthday surprise. (We think your half birthday is just as special as your actual birthday. Your Mom disagrees with us. It's one of those "we've agreed to disagree" situations.) 2) Specific restaurants post offers and deals on their Facebook location pages. We've made it easy to find said pages. Just click here and navigate to your MOOYAH's page and you'll find the link. See, Facebook isn't just for obnoxious bragging, random brain dumps and calling people out.

  • Do you accept reservations if I ask really nicely?

    Hahahahaha! No, we're not laughing at you. We just thought of something funny. But clearly, you've never been to MOOYAH. We're way too chill for that stuffy reservations stuff. But...we are happy to accommodate your group once you arrive. If you want to reserve your food ahead of time, you can order online and skip the line. Click here to get your order in the queue. ("Queue" is how Brits say line. Although the word is French in origin, which is strange. But not as strange as the fact we've suddenly slipped into British colloquial speak.)

  • What are your operating hours? Not "operating" like a surgeon does, but…oh, you know what I mean.

    Each restaurant sets its own hours of operation, so check out your favorite MOOYAH's hours on its location page found here.

  • How can I get my hands on MOOYAH gift cards?

    Gift cards are available at all U.S. restaurants. Gift cards are also available online here, but may only be redeemed at U.S. locations. MOOYAH gift cards purchased through any other website may be fraudulent. We cannot guarantee validity for cards purchased through any means other than those listed. (Yes, there's a whole underworld syndicate of MOOYAH gift card counterfeiters. We're not happy about it, but honestly we can't blame them.)

  • What is the minimum age to work at MOOYAH?

    Anyone age 16 or older is welcome to work at MOOYAH! Please submit your resume and apply here.

The Food

  • Your French fries take spuds to a whole new level. How do you do it?

    It's a 24-hour 6-step process. Yeah, it's kind of like therapy for potatoes. It's a grueling, tedious procedure that requires a bunch of washing, cutting, rinsing, agitating (the potatoes and us) and double-frying. Honestly, the whole thing is a fatiguing fry frenzy, and we wouldn't go through the trouble if we didn't like you so much…not to mention the fact it creates the best freakin' fries this side of the sun!

  • What oil are your famous fries cooked in?

    Canola. It's the only way to do it...if you want it just right.

  • Where can I find nutritional details about your food? Uh, asking for a friend.

    There's a nutritional PDF for you here.

  • Where can I find allergy information? I read it just for fun.

    Right here! Of course, if you're allergic to awesome food, better stay away from MOOYAH.

  • Do you have any gluten-free options? It's not my fault. I was born this way.

    Iceburgers (only beef and turkey, not veggie). Loaded House Salad w/o fried onion strings. Make sure to tell the team you have a gluten allergy when you order. They won't make fun of you, at least they're not supposed to. View all MOOYAH nutritional information here.

  • I'm sure they're delcious, but are your Black Bean Veggie Burgers vegan?

    No, they contain egg product. We got to be honest. If you're vegan, we're probably not the best place for you. Although you're always welcome to eat a salad with us.

  • Are you ever going to bring back my favorite Taste to Try?

    Since most of the Taste to Try recipes use core menu items (that's what chefs call stuff that's always around our kitchens), they're always available when you ask for them by name, provided you say "pretty please." You can view all past Taste to Try recipes by viewing your location's online ordering menu here.

  • What is MOOYAH sauce?

    MOOYAH sauce is a creamy thousand island sauce. It's delicious!

  • Your burgers taste awesome. What kind of beef do you use?

    Cow. Oh, you want a more specific answer. Well, it's fresh, never-frozen 100% Certified Angus Beef® Brand beef. This beef meets 10 science-based specifications that are more selective than USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Want to learn more? Of course you do. Click here!

  • Does MOOYAH deliver? I mean, I know you deliver the flavor. But do you deliver food to my home or work?

    We're actively exploring delivery partners that ensure your food arrives as fresh and delicious as when it leaves MOOYAH. We will announce our lucky approved delivery partner(s) on Facebook, so like the page to find out as soon as it happens. Then get ready to enjoy MOOYAH in your HOMEYAH and WORKYAH.


  • Will MOOYAH cater my event if we promise not to be rowdy and play the music too loud?

    Many MOOYAHs have catering options, depending on group size and items requested. Call your MOOYAH directly or complete the Contact Us form and send a general question to the location nearest you. If you have a large event, and you're located in Dallas/Ft. Worth or Knoxville, good news! We have catering trucks that may be able to help. Click here to learn more about the MOOYAH cookout trailers.

Community Involvement

  • Will MOOYAH donate food or gift cards to my organization, event or cause?

    Yes, we have a fundraising program where franchise partners across the country donate a percentage of sales back to approved organizations and causes. Click here to learn more and book your event. What better way to raise money for your group than to raise a burger to your face?


  • Advertising inquiries, requests for interviews and pleas for autographs.

    Please complete the Contact Us form and someone will respond soon. If it's an intern, don't take it personally. We have a marketing department with a whopping three employees, and one of us sure does seem to take more vacation than the two weeks allowed. That's right, we're onto you!