Rewards App Faqs

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MOOYAH Rewards is an app-based loyalty program we designed to thank our wonderful Guests (that’s you!). Rewards members receive points for every transaction ($1 spent = 1 point) by scanning their receipts or placing an app order or online while logged in at With our FREE MOOYAH Rewards App (Apple & Android smartphones), expect bonus points, random rewards and special gifts to come your way! Click here to download.

No way! There’s a web interface you can use to earn and redeem points. This website doesn’t have all the features (or fun) of our app, so only use this if you don’t have a supported smartphone. Click here to manage your points through the web portal.

You can earn points and redeem rewards at any participating United States restaurant. At this time, our loyalty app is not valid internationally at our restaurants in Canada or the Middle East.

There are 3 ways to earn points for your MOOYAH purchases: 1) Scan the barcode on the bottom of your receipt with the MOOYAH Rewards App or 2) Scan your app using the scanner at the register (at select restaurants) when you’re ordering your meal or 3) Place an order online through our app or at Points are automatically added to your account when ordering online (no need to scan your receipt!).

10 points. Transactions are rounded to the nearest dollar amount from the sub total (before tax). For example: a purchase from $9.00 to $9.49 would round down to 9 points, but a purchase of $9.50 to $9.99 would round up to 10 points.

No. Rewards are earned in $10 increments when you have 100 points. You must hit 100 points before you get a reward.

Yes! Earning points for online orders is automatic if you are logged into your account and no additional action is needed from you (you don’t need to scan the receipt barcode). Note that if you check out as a guest, you will not receive points.

Yes! If you have saved up your rewards, you’re welcome to redeem them in any increment you’d like. Just remember that you must have 100 points to get each $10 reward.

No, MOOYAH Rewards App rewards cannot be transferred to gift cards; they're valid on food purchases only. You must redeem them through the app for dollars off your MOOYAH meal.

Currently, your points and $10 rewards do not expire. Special offers we send you do have a limit time to redeem so make sure to check the message in your app Inbox for the details of active offers.

The reward or offer is reset for use at another time (so it’s not lost). You’ll find it in your Inbox after the 4-hour window until it expires.

The excess reward not used will go back on your app. For instance, if you activate a $10 reward but your check is only $7.50, $2.50 will go back onto your MOOYAH Rewards account to use another time.

Points are not awarded for gift card purchases. They are awarded when you redeem the gift card for food purchases at MOOYAH.

No. You can only use one redemption code at a time. Each reward within the program is separate and cannot be combined with any other offer.

You can only redeem a reward once every 4 hours.

You can scan your app at any point during your order prior to payment processing, and you’ll receive your points.

Absolutely! You can scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt to get your points. Barcodes stay valid for 31 days after your purchase.

Nope! We have a team ready to take care of any of your app issues that may arise. We will make sure you get all your points, and that you’re always satisfied (because we love you). Just email

The app requires 23MB of space on iOS 9 and 40MB on iOS 8 or lower. It requires 23MB of space on Android devices.

The MOOYAH Rewards App is a much better loyalty program for our Guests since you will be able to get points for every purchase and turn those in for free food. We will rarely be sending coupons or deals via email and text so be sure to download the MOOYAH Rewards App today.