We believe we have the best cheeseburger you'll ever put in your mouth. So, on 10/10/18, we're making sure everyone has the opportunity to try it FREE. Just purchase personal hand-cut fries, a Little MOO shake, or a regular drink, and we'll happily give you a free MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger. It's that simple!

Post your MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #bestburger and mention @mooyahburgers for a chance to win gift cards and freebies on 10/10.


Why is MOOYAH doing this?
We strongly believe our MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger is THE best cheeseburger you’ll ever put in your mouth. We want more people to try it, so on 10/10/18, we’re giving it away FREE with purchase of personal hand-cut fries, Little MOO shake, or a regular drink.

Are all locations participating?
Most but not all. Non-participating locations include:

  • McKinney, TX (Custer & 380)
  • Prosper, TX
  • New Orleans, LA (Riverwalk Mall)
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Dickson City, PA
  • Tiverton, RI (Tiverton Casino)
  • CityLine Building (Richardson, TX)
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Southeastern Louisiana University
  • University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Those in Canada and the Middle East

What are the hours I can get a free burger?
Participating restaurants will open at their usual time. All participating locations will take the last order at 8pm, unless they've given away more than 500 free burgers and no longer have ingredients to make more.

How many people get free burgers?
Participating restaurants are prepared to make burgers for 500 Guests. Participating restaurants will take the last order at 8pm or while supplies last. Participating locations will close as they run out of burgers. Make sure to visit your favorite location early to get your free MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger!

If my location runs out, can I get a raincheck?
No rainchecks. Be early to get your free burger. We’ll make them until we run out!

Can I place my order over the phone or order online?
Not on 10/10/18. You must order at the counter at a participating location. Online ordering will not be available at participating locations on 10/10.

Can I pick up for my family or co-workers?
Your family, friends or co-workers must be present in line with you to get this awesome deal. You can pay on one ticket, but it's one free burger per person.

Are MOOYAH Double Cheeseburgers really the only burgers available?
Yes. Absolutely no other entrées will be available, including kids meals, salads, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, or any other kind of beef burger. We're really serious about people trying the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger!

Can I make changes to the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger?
Not on 10/10/18. We will only be making the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger with the following ingredients: half pound of never-frozen Certified Angus Beef®, two slices of American cheese, one slice of tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, MOOYAH sauce (it’s like a creamy Thousand Island dressing), on a freshly-baked potato bun.

What if I’m allergic to one of the ingredients on the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger?
On 10/10, we won’t be able to put ingredients on the side, remove ingredients, or substitute buns. We sincerely apologize for this restriction! Our goal for the day is a mass sampling event of the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger so more people can taste how great is. In order to serve free burgers to the amount of Guests we expect on 10/10, we don’t feel we can guarantee safety for those with allergies, and we want to be upfront about it. Please visit us any other day of the year and we will build it your way!

Will there be a vegetarian option?
Not on 10/10/18.

Can I get the gluten-free bun or get the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger as an Iceburger?
Not on 10/10/18.

Can I get sweet potato fries?
Not on 10/10/18.

Can I get a kids meal?
Not on 10/10/18.

Can I use my Rewards App dollars to pay?
Yes! If you have banked rewards dollars on our app, you may pay with those. Lucky you!

Can I use a coupon on 10/10?
Since we’re giving the burger away for free, qualifying items (fries, drink, shake) must be purchased at full price.

Are combo meals valid on 10/10?
Since we’re giving the burger away for free, we won’t offer the combo meal on 10/10. Qualifying items (fries, drink, shake) must be purchased at full price.