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Eager to get your organization some cash? MOOYAH is eager to help. Our fundraising program lets you raise money just by chowing on burgers, fries and shakes. How awesome is that?

Request your fundraiser at the MOOYAH of your choice. Available dates and times vary by location, but our best options are Sundays-Thursdays from 4-9PM. We’ll donate a percentage of all sales generated by your fundraising crew back to your organization (excluding sales tax, Uncle Sam is a stickler about getting his). The more folks you bring to enjoy our fresh food, the more money you raise.

So get it going and fill out the request form now.

15% Donation

Up to $999.99
Net Sales

20% Donation

$1,000.00 - $1,999.99
Net Sales

25% Donation

Net Sales

Fundraising donation percentages may vary by restaurant. Guest must be present at fundraiser for donation to apply. Online and call-in orders do not apply to fundraiser.

With your help, our fundraising earned this much for local organizations in 2018:​