MOOYAH Cookout Trailer

Let’s get this patty started!

There’s only one way to impress folks at your next special event – with a MOOYAH Cookout Trailer. Well, that’s the only way we know. Your corporate, social or private party enjoys the same delicious MOOYAH Burgers we serve in our restaurants. Your guests must be pretty special to receive that kind of treatment. We have a cookout trailer for Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Have a need to feed?

Our burgers are made with 100% fresh lean American beef that’s never frozen and contains no additives, fillers or preservatives. And our buns are baked in-house daily. Yep, it’s fresh surrounded by fresh.

Guests get to customize their burgers with toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese and sauces. We don’t call them “fixings” because that implies our burgers need to be fixed, and one taste will tell you they’re not broken. 

So make your gathering the social event of the season with our MOOYAH Cookout Trailer. We bring everything but the paparazzi.

The deets:

• MOOYAH Cookout Trailer are booked "first come first serve", so book early. Like right now! They currently serve Dallas/Ft. Worth.
• The MOOYAH Cookout Trailer team does not accept cash (not that we don’t trust them with cash…ahem). Prior to the event, you pre-sell tickets or collect any money required by your company's guidelines. Overages in product are paid by credit card or company check at the conclusion of your event.
• Special events, fairs, festivals, etc., are handled by the guidelines of the respected event or city…as well as ones that aren’t respected.
• Please provide necessary permits for the cookout location. This keeps Johnny Law off our backs.

The MOOYAH Cookout Trailer serves the best burgers around

Book the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Cookout Trailer

The DFW Cookout Trailer is owned and operated by franchisee Aaron White, who is a nice guy you’d enjoy hanging out with. 

The DFW Cookout Trailer is an awesome self-contained kitchen equipped with staff and generators, operated completely by MOOYAH Team Members. It’s like the “Kitchen of Tomorrow” today. 

The Trailer requires 40 feet of firm and level surface with 14 feet overhead clearance. Pick your spot, and we’ll do our best to make that area work. MOOYAH reserves the right to relocate the trailer if the site is not suitable. (Our lawyer made us add that last sentence. As you can imagine, he’s loads of fun at parties.)

Staff and one ticket-ordering table will be provided. We serve burgers in a sack with napkins. You are responsible for tables, chairs, trash cans and fun-loving atmosphere.

To reserve the DFW Cookout Trailer, click here to complete the request form and provide the following details:

• Event date & time
• Number of people
• Contact name
• Contact email address
• Contact cell phone number
• Company name
• Event address (street number/name, city, state, zip)