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Get free small fries just for downloading the MOOYAH Rewards App and signing up. Yes, it’s a generous gesture on our part, but you deserve it. Plus, you’ll earn points for more tasty treats. So eat ’em and reap.

  • Earn Points for a free burger - use the mooyah coupon code

    How it works

    Each dollar spent earns one point. 100 points equals a $10 reward. As you can see, the value adds up fast. We even throw in random surprises because, well, we like surprises. Plus you get free small fries for signing up, and bonus points for signing up with Facebook.

    Earn Points for a free burger - use the mooyah coupon code
  • Scan to earn

    Using the MOOYAH Rewards App, scan the barcode on your receipt to earn your points. It’s fast, simple and fun. Really, it is. And while you have your phone out, take a snazzy pic of your meal and share it. Others will be jealous they’re not at MOOYAH.

    MOOYAH Rewards App gives you free fries when you sign up
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    Refer a Friend

    Want to earn more points quicker? If you refer a friend through the MOOYAH Rewards App and they use your referral code, you get additional points when they make their first purchase. They don't even have to be a friend. Coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances, frenemies are all acceptable. We’re not picky.

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  • Order Online

    Not only is having the MOOYAH Rewards App a convenient way to order our yummy food, it’s a convenient way to get it. Because it lets you skip the line and go straight to the pickup counter. Plus, your reward points are automatically added. It couldn’t be easier…or tastier.

    Order Online
  • find-the-mooyah-near-me

    Find Locations

    Wherever you are, find the nearest MOOYAH location wherever it is. Hungry in Hampton? Ravenous in Richardson? Belly growling in Birmingham? Just use the MOOYAH Rewards App, and a handy map shows the way to taste bud bliss.


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